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The Devil


Eight friends and two allies from a secret society are embroiled in the schemes of a mysterious power-hungry mastermind, and in their quest to find why, discover horrifying truths about their families and their town.

The Devil Within

Samar Sengupta and best friend Ramya Satpathi move to Chanakyanagar, a quaint Indian town, to start college and leave behind the horrors of their secret past. They think befriending Aisha Singhal, an emerging musician, and her friends would offer a clean start, but when a mysterious woman reopens doors to their past, they realize they had left the campfire for a firestorm. Things get complicated when Aisha makes a costly mistake, tossing everyone into a vortex of trouble that could break friendships, families, and even their future.


Meanwhile, after a brazen attack, the police suspect the return of Ravi Thakur, their nemesis, from his two-decade-long dormancy. A junior lawyer and a journalism student join hands for personal reasons to dig into the controversial past that Chanakyanagar shares with Ravi, and their discovery threatens to forever change the idea of the town's normal life.


At the center of these disconnected events fueled by devious lies, ugly family secrets, and shocking motivations, lurks the darkest evil you will ever confront, one that believes in seeking vengeance and power through your temptation to sin.

Main Genre

Mystery/Thriller  |  Drama  |  Contemporary


Young Adult (YA)

Other Elements

Crime fiction  |  romance  |  friendship  |  whodunit  |  suspense  |  family drama  | 

Indian fiction