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Four years ago, Ramya Chaudhary killed her school’s Head Boy, Sunil Desai, in self-defense. By decapitating him. She had an accomplice: best friend and classmate Samar Sengupta. They were too young for the law, but not justice. Now seventeen and college-bound, she’s eager to start over in the town of Chanakyanagar with Samar and their families.

That is, until Ashwin—Sunil’s father, the school’s mathematics teacher, and her mentor—goes missing in pursuit of the Devil, Sunil’s real killer. Second-guessing her innocence, Ramya launches an investigation to rescue Ashwin but quickly learns that she must confront the very night she’s desperate to forget.

As she makes powerful enemies, Ramya must carefully choose her allies from those struggling to reconcile their own pasts: a vengeful lawyer, a crooked detective, and newfound friends with deep pockets and deeper secrets. Stoking the town that's entrenched in a turbulent history, the Devil sets a price for Ramya’s only way out: another head.


Suspense  |  Drama



Other Elements

Crime fiction  |  thriller  |  friendship  |  whodunit  |  Indian fiction