Ramya Satpathi and best friend Samar Sengupta want nothing more than to start college in the Indian town of Chanakyanagar and forget their murderous night from four years ago, the Incident.

When a mysterious woman accosts them clearing Ramya’s name from the Incident, they label it a cruel prank. Until they learn about their high-school teacher, the only one who showed kindness in their post-Incident life. His sin? Discovering what really happened that night. His punishment? Poisoned to death—by a faceless predator known as the Devil.

Tracing their teacher’s path, Ramya and Samar unravel a scheme that puts them in the crosshairs of a mafia kingpin returning after seventeen years, a junior lawyer hunting for the truth about his parents’ deaths, and newfound friends battling moralities to protect their deepest secrets.

The Devil lurks among them as ugly truths, devious coverups, and shocking motivations tumble into the open, weaving a darker future to insure a secret of its own.


Mystery/Thriller  |  Drama



Other Elements

Crime fiction  |  romance  |  friendship  |  whodunit  |  suspense  |  family drama  |   Indian fiction

Approximate Word Count: 97,000


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